Wanthanee is a singer-songwriter from Belgium who's born in Thailand, with a voice that's often compared to British Indiepop-singers.

At the age of 4, she started singing the songs from Disney's movie Snowwhite. When a friend of the family heard this, he told her grandmother that it would be a shame if she didn't do anything with music. Inspired by him, she chose the violin to be her very first instrument.

After many years and against all her expectations, she won 'De Nieuwe Lichting 2016', a music competition organised by the radio station Studio Brussel. Convinced that singing her songs for an audience was something she loved doing, Wanthanee decided to take a leap in the dark and persued the ambition to share her music with others.

"Music is a tool that I use to translate my feelings into something more understandable. That's why it's impossible for me to write songs from the head, rather than from the heart"


Dansende beren

"Het muzikale recept waarmee Wanthanee in de AB De Nieuwe Lichting won, kreeg klaarblijkelijk een upgrade over de laatste jaren. “Taipei” volgt op “Mid Day Dream” en is wederom een melodieus popnummer geworden. Heel wat verschillende instrumenten verrijken de zachte stem van Wanthanee in de apotheose van het nummer, waarna ze even terug afbouwt en uiteindelijk met een traditioneel Aziatisch melodietje afsluit. “Taipei” is een ode aan haar roots, die in zijn tederheid begeestert."

Listen to Wanthanee's new release!!

With her newest release, Wanthanee wants to show you all how it feels to love life. You can watch the videoclip on youtube or WanthaTV. 

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One can say "Back to the roots", but Taipei was actually a coincidence.

"With my latest release 'Taipei', I want to show everyone how I truly feel when I'm happy. I'm an optimist and I always will be: the song reflects on how I (sometimes) am able to be at peace with myself. With who I am.

When I came back from Taipei (which was a holiday destination at the time), all the stress that I felt before the travel was suddenly gone. I could think clearly again and realized that stress and all that is something to be seen as 'relative'. Funny enough, people will probably think that I'm singing about my home country, but Taiwan is a total different country than Thailand. It's definitely worth visiting though ;) "

Unfortunately, because of the current situation there aren't any shows planned yet...

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