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Wanthanee is a singer-songwriter from Belgium who's born in Thailand, with a voice that's often compared to British Indiepop-singers.

At the age of 4, she started singing the songs from Disney's movie Snowwhite. When a friend of the family heard this, he told her grandmother that it would be a shame if she didn't do anything with music. Inspired by him, she chose the violin to be her very first instrument.

After many years and against all her expectations, she won 'De Nieuwe Lichting 2016', a music competition organised by the radio station Studio Brussel. Convinced that singing her songs for an audience was something she loved doing, Wanthanee decided to take a leap in the dark and persued the ambition to share her music with others.

"Music is a tool that I use to translate my feelings into something more understandable. That's why it's impossible for me to write songs from the head, rather than from the heart"


Hit & run

In March, Wanthanee was featured in De Standaard's Hit & Run; a short interview with following questions as example:

Wat wou u later worden als kind?

In deze volgorde: fee, prinses, zangeres, dichteres, architecte, huisdokter, tandarts, orthodontiste, ingenieur, burgerlijk ingenieur. Ik heb de eerste vijf gecombineerd.

Wat ziet u als u naar de toekomst kijkt?

Twee scenario‚Äôs: een wereld die begroeid is met planten en bomen, waar af en toe een mooi staaltje sociale architectuur tussenuit piept. In het andere scenario bestaat de mensheid niet meer.

Wat maakt u ongelukkig?

Niets. Ik ben een geboren optimist.

Soon is out now!

"Some years back I didn't really know where to go and what to do in life... and Soon tells that story. But then, I also learned that we should be at peace with that thought as well. It's never bad to reflect.

So it started out as a song to comfort myself with. And it grew out to be a lullaby that I would sing to my future child.

What better place to sing a lullaby than in my bedroom?"

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"What better place to sing a lullaby than my bedroom?"

Wanthanee's third release happens within the walls of her bedroom. Soon is about doubt and all the insecurities one may encounter in life. But it also tells the story of growing up: questioning what would become of ourselves is what we all do (no matter what age).

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